CEO IndemnityFirst PLC

Having joined Financial Services in 1980 Michael developed a number of businesses that from 1995 concentrated on the market for UK life insurance contracts bought in the secondary market moving in to the US market in 2002.

Michael and his colleagues developed a number of offshore funds to market these contracts and through a fully vertically integrated group ran a successful business until 2008/2009 at which time he sold his interests in these in order to pursue his development of IndemnityFirst and the design of new product.

IndemnityFirst Ltd was originally formed in 2000 and domiciled in the Bahamas, the company’s focus being to provide services to institutional investors mainly outside of the United States. In 2006 IndemnityFirst Spain SL was formed to provide a wide range of administration and management services to include accounting and general and policy administration to complement the Marketing, development and Sales provided from the Bahamian company. Having developed a number of mutual funds in the Cayman Islands it was decided to relocate IFL to take advantage of the excellent services available there. IndemnityFirst PLC was formed in May 2011 and took over the services previously provided from the Bahamas.

Together, with its principals and associates the IndemnityFirst companies offer an unrivalled level of life insurance contract investment expertise.

The latest development has been in the Private Placement Life Insurance and Variable Annuity (PPLI) field which is becoming increasingly popular as major hedge funds begin to understand the tax and marketing advantages of such products. The first of the funds which invests in Life Insurance contracts is complete and an Oil & Gas Reserve Rights Fund is under development.

A new product using Captive Insurance Companies working in tandem with the PPLI is the latest project.

For further information please download the following documents:

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